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 Floor and Surface Cleaning



When we clean floors, walls, ceilings, appliances or any other type of surface, we always remember several important principles:


        1.      Every situation must be dealt with carefully. It is poor practice to spray “disinfectant” on everything in a shotgun approach. Painted, wooden, stone, fabric and porous surfaces can absorb or retain chemical cleaners, causing discoloration and damage. By the same token, they can hold bacteria which are not touched or killed by the disinfectant.                                        
2. Paint or varnish on kitchen surfaces may have absorbed airborne grease and are at risk of actually coming off when scrubbed the usual way! Harsh, alkaline cleansers can strip cabinet finishes, creating a huge headache. Improperly applied or rinsed soaps leave floors slippery.
3. Many conventional methods create problems; mopping spreads germs and leaves scum, wiping with damp towels does the same thing. Using pressure washers on indoor surfaces is common, but very risky. Bleaching rarely removes more than about 60% of bacteria present and creates damage and inhalation hazards.
4. We know you are ready for a better way of doing things and you want a fair price for a change!
5. Every customer deserves a thorough, complete, workmanlike service. Whether it is a large account or a one-time residential service, we believe in giving you our best job.



So, we always walk through the job with you to make certain that we are on the same page. If you didn't want the windows done, that is fine. If you want us to make sure the trash cans are sanitized, we'll do them and so forth. Together, we'll design a simple and effective protocol, which usually involves pre-cleaning, sweeping and clearing things out of the way. Then, working from high to low, we'll use environmentally safe, non-staining cleansers combined with the power of high temperature vapor to utterly clean and sanitize. No other method leaves surfaces so clean, free of chemical residue, fresh smelling and sanitary. We remove all residues with HEPA filtered equipment and dispose of them safely and responsibly. After the cleaning is complete, we'll put things back in place and walk through with you again, to verify that you are completely satisfied. Contact Us today and let's get started! Ask for a free demonstration and prepare to be very, very pleased.


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