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Tile and Grout






Things to consider when cleaning Tile, Stone and Grout: Tile and grout are durable, beautiful and tough, but it is very easy to make an expensive mistake when you clean them. Is the tile glazed or porous? Is it hard or relatively soft? How big is each tile and how are they set? What is the substrate and how were the tiles grouted? What type of stain, dirt or growth is to be removed? What safeguards are needed?  What chemical sensitivities should you think about?  What would it cost to replace sections or even the whole floor?


The answers have a direct bearing on how to clean any given wall, floor or counter, because the wrong technique can cause very costly damage. You may not even find out until long after the job is done! For example, pressure washing tiles can remove loose grout, push slime far under the tiles and leave a moist, dark breeding area for regrowth. Bleaching (or using “grout cleaners”) dissolves grout, widening cracks and creating porosity, allowing the intrusion of mold, mildew and bacteria.Problems may not manifest themselves until months later, when tiles loosen, subfloors are going rotten, or strange, foul smells just cannot be covered up any longer.


The solution is to use products that disinfect and clean without creating resistant strains of bacteria and to deeply sanitize with water vapor. No chemical, breathing or contact hazards are created, no damage is done to your property. Simply put, the tile and grout are left deeply and thoroughly clean, ready to use and enjoy! At the top of this page is an example of our work on a porous, bathroom tile floor.


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