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We offer a plethora of cleaning services for almost any room.

Carpet Cleaning

From small spots to gum in your carpet we can get it out.

We start with a deep, slow vacuuming. Then the spots are treated, the traffic lanes, the carpet sprayed. This is followed by a scrubbing and finally, extraction with hot water. Afterward, a protectant can be applied to help prevent staining and keep the carpet looking good.

Tile adds beauty and value to your home.

But when your pets track red clay in, or the boys miss the potty, or the kitchen floor darkens with cooking splatters, call us. We can clean the tile and rejuvenate the grout in a number of ways tailored to your needs. We also recommend applying a sealant to keep the grout looking nice for a long time.

Pet Odor Control

If your pets have been using the floor for a toilet, we can help.

Urine causes deep and often permanent damage to flooring. However, we have methods to effectively neutralize the uric salts that form, kill bacteria and get rid of odor.

Please don’t try the home remedies or off-the-shelf potions from the store. They can make the issues worse. Another issue is vomit, which is acidic, smelly and a health hazard. Again, we have had very good success with this problem and would love a chance to help!

VCT, Vinyl, and Hardwood

If you want to give your floors a second life we can help.

VCT is generally found in older houses, but if you have it, we can strip and refinish it for you. Vinyl planking (LVP) likes to be kept clean and we have the machinery to scrub it deeply and safely. Hardwood floors have been around forever and can last for 200 years. There are many options when it comes to what your floors need we can help make the right choice.

Travertine, marble and granite all come in many varieties. Natural stone has a beauty and permanence unmatched by any other material. Let us safely clean and if needed, refinish the stone by polishing.

A word of warning: Do NOT clean Travertine or marble with vinegar!

MediFog is our trade name for the use of electrostatically applied disinfectants and odor modifiers. Anywhere you have people, you have germs. We use specialized foggers to coat every surface and object with safe, but highly effective products. It is more thorough, safer, faster and longer lasting than any janitor with a spray bottle.

Stop breathing dangerous chemicals or getting them on your skin! Let MediFog help prevent diseases and absenteeism by cleansing your work space.

Upholstery comes in a bewildering variety of natural and synthetic fabrics, weaves and styles.  Act One will carefully treat your furniture with all the concern it deserves!

Cleaning Equipment
"I will continue to use them and I would recommend them to everybody. It is hard to find companies that do the work like this company."

D. McDonald



We provide a tailored cleaning solution to match each person’s need. Our prices are very competitive, but ACT One focuses on quality and value for the dollar.  Call us for a free quote.




We do cleanings all throughout Alabama




Mon - Fri: 9am - 8:30pm

​​Saturday: By special appointment 

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